translated from Spanish: Minister Paris defended deconfination in Los Ríos and Aysén: “This is not an experiment nor are they guinea pigs”

The Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, referred during the daily balance of the state of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, to the measure of deconfining adopted in Los Ríos and Aysén.
Paris defended the authority’s decision and said it was “taken as a step-by-step move, slowly, chile’s recovery, we lifted Chile step by step”
“Health variables, mainly health variables, have obviously been considered. It’s not an experiment. And obviously if necessary and health variables become negative or we get negative results we will backtrack,” said the health holder.
In that line the minister asked for respect and said that “this is not an experiment or guinea pigs, that is not a word that we have used and I will never use those kinds of words to refer to people. Let’s respect people, they are people who have the right to exercise, to be able to go for a walk, an adult over the age of 75, they are garzones and they own coffee shops that have the right to work and bring bread to their family.”
“Let’s look at that tiny light at the end of the tunnel, even if it’s tiny, and maybe it goes out, and if it goes out obviously we’ll turn off that we’re going to back off, but I think giving two regions this possibility is a recognition of what the population has done,” the authority added.

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