translated from Spanish: CDMX under-registration of kidnappings and killings in 2018

The government of Mexico City officially confirmed, after a review of several months, a sub-record of thousands of allegations of high-impact crimes in 2018 in the capital.
Among the crimes not reported were nearly 18,000 roadside robberies (65 per cent of reported cases), 245 kidnappings (almost 90 per cent of cases), more than 670 cases of rape (53 per cent of cases), as well as 142 intentional homicides (11 PER cent of cases s). All of this in one year.
According to capital government authorities, the thorough review of the city’s Office’s investigative folders, under the supervision of the United Nations, shows that the under-registration is the result of having catalogued erroneously thousands of research folders as non-criminal facts or without any typification.
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The current solicitor, Ernestina Godoy, had previously revealed what she considered a premeditated concealment of crimes in the management of former head of government Miguel Angel Mancera, with the alleged intention of reducing the record of criminal incidence, something the latter has denied.
The update of crime incident data from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP) now allows to know precisely the results of the review and reclassification of the criminal incidence base of Mexico City 2018.
One of the most significant differences is that of robbery from passerby on public roads. The previous government had reported a total balance of 9,809 research folders for this crime in 2018, but after review and reclassification, the total amounted to 27,783 folders for this illicit, that is, almost three times as many cases.
This equates to 17,974 cases of robbery that were not reported or concededed last year, i.e. a 65 percent under-registration of cases. In the specific form of robbery with violence, the registry grew from 8,604 to 23,784 cases.
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Other forms of theft in which a sub-registration has been confirmed are the theft of vehicles with and without violence in which 11 thousand 207 folders had been reported, but after the reclassification the figure amounts to 14 thousand 45. The thefts to business went from 16,703 folders reported by the previous government, to 20,162 cases actually reported.
Kidnapping is another of the crimes with the largest under-registration discovered. At the end of last year, only 35 research folders had been reported for this crime but following the review by the current administration the figure actually amounts to 280 cases of kidnapping. That is, the under-registration in this felony would be 87.5 percent. 
In other words, almost 9 out of 10 kidnapping complaints would have been hidden, according to the new official statistic.
A serious under-registration was also confirmed in the open investigative folders for the crime of rape. Prior to the review, 580 cases had been reported in 2018, but after reclassification the figure amounts to 1,252 cases The above means that 53.6 percent of the chaos was not reported or, in other it, no more than half were revealed.
Even in the case of intentional homicides, it has been confirmed that fewer cases were officially reported. The figure rose from 1,225 cases originally reported to 1,367, meaning 142 undisclosed homicides. This represents an under-registration of 11 percent of cases, or 1 in 10 unreported crimes.
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The data also show that nearly 6,000 crimes were detected after the reclassification, which had not even been recorded in 2018. With this, the total crime incidence last year in the capital grew from 234 thousand 677 to 241 thousand 30 research folders due to alleged criminal acts.
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The upward review of the incidence of crime in 2018 attenuates the reported crime increase in Mexico City during Claudia Sheinbaum’s current administration. In some cases, however, growth is confirmed.
In intentional homicides, for example, the revised figure for the first half of 2018 sets the investigation folders in 678 cases. However, in the same period this year the amount amounts to 786 folders, so the increase in homicides in the city in 2019 is almost 16 percent.
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The same is true in extortionwhere in the revised figure for the first six months of last year is 280 cases, however in 2019 the complaints total 459, which means an increase of 64 percent.
Similarly, the number of business thefts grew from 9,703 research folders in the first half of last year to 11,961 in 2019, a 23 percent increase.
Among those that are now reported in decline following the reclassification of crimes in 2018 are kidnappings that dropped from 135 complaints in the first half of 2018 to 40 in the same period of this year, or robberies to passers-by that would be decreasing 12,883 folders of 9,961 this year.
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