translated from Spanish: Spritz: 5 easy versions of Italian drink

Although it became very fashionable in recent years, the Spritz – and its flagship version, the Aperol Spritz – is a classic: the drink was, in theory, popularized in the 19th century by soldiers deployed in northern Italy, when the country was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. At the time, it was customary to drink a cocktail based on diluted white wine with a jet of water (the word “spritz” comes from “splashing” or “injecting” in German), which eventually evolved into wine with gasified water, then to wine with sparkling water and bitter or appetizer, and in the end became prosecco (dry foaming) with sparkling water or soda plus an aperitif. In almost all the world, and in Argentina for not so long, the version that has the Aperol as the protagonist was consolidated, thanks to a strong campaign of the brand of Gruppo Campari. Lightweight, unalcoholic, fresh and bittersweet, it is ideal to drink in the middle of the afternoon, at the time of vermo, especially in spring or summer season. It is a wild card that everyone usually likes, although in May this year the New York Times published a note that generated controversy: journalist Rebekah Peppler said that “the Aperol Spritz is not really good” and, in return, claimed the Spritz versions that “the Aperol Spritz is not really good” and, in return, claimed the Spritz versions that they don’t carry the appetizer that appropriated the recipe and that are complemented by “better quality” ingredients. We can’t say we agreed, but we took advantage of the kick to look for different variants of the drink, easy to replicate at the home bar and with all the numbers to please anyone. Take the test:

The Spring Spritz
A small but significant and refreshing twist in the basic recipe of Aperol Spritz. Ingredients60ml of Aperol.
60ml dry foamer.
30ml fresh grapefruit juice.
Soda c/n.
1/2 slice grapefruit.
PreparationFill a glass of wine with ice.
Add the Aperol, foaming and grapefruit juice.
Finish with soda and grapefruit slice.

Amaro Spritz
Respecting the proportions of the traditional cocktail, it introduces the amaro that, depending on the brand used, can vary in body and taste (from intense bitter to slightly sweet and floral). Ingredients60ml of amaro.
90ml dry foamer.
30ml soda.
Lemon slice.
PreparationFill a glass of wine or a short glass with ice and add the Amaro.
Complete with sparkling and soda.
Add the lemon slice and serve.

Al Fresco Spritz
There are few things as cute as making a jug of a rich snack to share among several. This Spritz is the most powerful, fruity and summery on the list and also the most asbestos. The amounts are four people. Ingredients180ml white vermouth.
90ml of St-Germain.
60ml gin.
30ml lime juice. 
Soda c/n.
Prosecco c/n. 
2 to 4 slices cucumber.
6 green grapes.
3 slices lime
3 slices kiwi.
3 slices green apple.
PreparationCombine vermouth, St-Germain, gin and lime juice in a jug with ice and stir.
Complete with equal parts soda and prosecco. 
Before serving, add cucumber, grapes, lime, kiwi and green apple. 

Medicinal Spritz
Bartender and writer Jack Bevan – author of the book A Spirited Guide to Vermouth: An Aromatic Journey with Botanical Notes, Classic Cocktails and Elegant Recipes – decided to counteract the weary sweetness of The Aperol Spritz by replacing it with Cynar and Punt e Mes, creating a more bitter and botanical-profile drink. Ingredients40ml of Cynar.
20ml Punt e Month.
60ml prosecco.
Soda c/n.
2 orange wedges. 
PreparationFill a large glass of wine or a glass with ice and add the Cynar, vermouth and prosecco.
Complete with soda.
Squeeze one of the orange wedges over the cocktail and add it to the glass. Add the other whole wedge and serve.

Campari Spritz
Every cycle closes and this note ends with a simple version, in which the Aperol gives rise to its cousin Campari and replaces the classic dry foamer with a pink one. Finish with a citrus touch. Ingredients60ml of Campari.
90ml pink foam (as dry as possible).
Soda or soda infused with lemon c/n.
Lemon slice.
PreparationVerter the Campari and the rosé in a short glass with ice.
Top with soda or lemon soda.
Stir gently and add the lemon slice to serve.
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