translated from Spanish: Manuela Infante is the first Chilean to be part of the Venice Theatre Biennale

Infante’s participation is part of the dramaturgy that the director of this space, Antonio Late you have underlined for this version. Through an extensive and diverse billboard, the Italian will seek to encompass the different forms and roles that the authors play when bringing their texts to the stage.
“Infante conceives works as a way of thinking, a path to an irresponsible philosophy that tests intellectual discourse on stage, making it sensitive—in the Kantian sense of apprehensive, readable. A mixture of complex ideas explored through bodies, rhythm and storytelling that often result in engaging stage compositions that can address philosophical questions without didacticism or preconceived answers, inviting the audience to a journey performative thinking,” the American Theatre described the work of Manuela Infante, the Chilean creator who is living its most important year internationally.
During the last months, the outstanding director and playwright has toured Belgium, the United States, Spain and Germany, receiving in the latter country the Stuckemarkt Prize of Theater Treffen in Berlin. A powerful 2019 that is crowned with her participation in The Venice Theatre Biennale, where for the first time a Chilean will be part of the programming and lead, in this edition, the Latin American offer, with two of its pieces: State Vegetable (July 30) and Realism (1 of agos to), the last release of the company Teatro de Chile.
After her time in Italy, the artist will also perform in Uruguay and Peru and then begin assembling a new work commissioned by the TheaterWorks of Singapore, premiered in November of this year. On women and voices will deal with the montage that will have the participation of Chilean and Singaporean actresses.

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