translated from Spanish: Another move by Aróstica: TC president self-assigns to the resources of convicted in the crime of Carmelo Soria

Within the controversial management that Iván Aróstica has deployed under the command of the Constitutional Court, one of the most controversial points is the agency’s decisions on human rights. It has been customary for the entity to suspend these cases and that is why it is striking that the questioned president has assigned to the First Chamber that heads the hearing of an emblematic case of the crimes in dictatorship.
It is a case involving Carmelo Soria, a Spanish diplomat tortured and killed by the DINA in July 1976. This Tuesday, the TC must rule on the requests of inapplicability for unconstitutionality filed by two convicted in this case, Juan Lepe Orellana and Sergio Cea Cienfuegos, who seek the paralysis of criminal proceedings in the ancient justice. According to La Tercera, they were self-assigned by Aróstica last week, who has that prerogative in his capacity as the president of the TC to the First Room of the body, which he presides over and also made up of Ministers José Ignacio Vásquez and Juan José Romero.
In general, this room led by the ultra-conservative lawyer, with a clear affinity for the military world and admirer of Jaime Guzmán has formed a majority that votes to suspend the processes related to these matters. In fact, according to a report by Radio Universidad de Chile, of thirty human rights causes that have entered the TC between November 2015 and the last April 1, 21 have been suspended from the procedure and currently 12 are Teeth.
What is striking is that on this occasion the hearing of the case coincides with the visit of magistrates of the Constitutional Court of Spain, headed by the president of the spanish body, Juan José González, where Aróstica officia officia as host.
That is why there is uncertainty within the Court that an emblematic cause – as has been the tonic in Arostica’s act and the court – is right at the moment when a delegation of the same nationality as the victim of the dictatorship , visit the country.

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