A renowned bartender and national artists brought cocktails and the Argentinian party to the streets of Brooklyn

In the midst of the bustling cosmopolitan environment of New York, Sebastián García, founder of Presidente Bar, teamed up with muralist Martín Ron and the Polenta Party to carry out an original proposal: it is a pop-up, which will take place from April 24 to 27 in the enclave of the Unlisted hotel, and will bring the energy, cocktails and the characteristic style of the Argentinian bar on the streets of Brooklyn.” The soul of the bar will be partying for four days in this beloved city. We have developed a cocktail menu to show what the current trends are in our country. We feel this experience is a challenge, but the work we have done over the last few months will be talked about. We are excited and grateful for this opportunity,” said the bartender.Muralist Martin Ron teamed up with Presidente Bar and the Polenta Party for a pop-up in Brooklyn.Bringing local gastronomy abroad is not always easy, but García tells us the details of the call. “Gastronomy is not only nourished by its local audience but also by how the world moves. Sharing work and passion is what has represented us the most in recent years. Being welcome anywhere in the world is something that feeds back into us,” he said. He added: “To know that we can take our culture and soak up another is an extraordinary feeling.” For his part, Ron, who competed with two of his murals for the 50 best street works around the world, said that in our country “there are many spaces” to generate synergies. “Whether it’s the association of artists in a studio or a firm, the diversity of cultural spaces, festivals or events. This process has helped to expand the boundaries of each activity and allows artists, brands, agencies and other actors to meet in new places that are always willing to innovate,” he said. The meeting of President, Ron and Polenta is a tribute to shared creativity and a reminder that, even in challenging times, collaboration can lead to something unique.

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