translated from Spanish: Cyclist shows off his twin muscles and impresses followers

Poland.- Tomasz Marczynski, a 35-year-old cyclist of Polish origin shared a series of photographs in which you can observe the twin muscles of his legs with tightly marked veins. His followers were impressed with the appearance of his muscles after training, some of them expressed concern for the cyclist and questioned whether he should not go to the doctor. 

The series of photographs were accompanied by a post by the cyclist stating: “Entry in the second part of the season. The legs are ready, the head too, apparently. I just have fun and the good result will come on its own,” the athlete wrote.
Marczynski has won the title of champion several times in various competitions in Poland and two stages in the Vuelta a España.Help us. Click on the Google News star and follow us. Marczynski’s legs are the result of his workouts and it is not that he has a poor health condition, this type of appearance in the legs is characteristic of cyclists and is due to an extremely low percentage of fat in the area and surely in other areas of the body. 
Legs often return to their normal appearance when exercise intensity is lowered. It has some consequence
When the body drops to a body mass index of less than 6 percent, the body will increase the feeling of hunger, it should be remembered that the fat that accumulates in the body is a storehouse of energy that will be used in an emergency, when the body realizes that it exists less reserves will seek to increase them by making significant metabolic changes. The low presence of body fat will cause the skin to stick to the muscles and these will become more noticeable, as happens in the abdominal muscles; they’re there but the fat won’t let them see them. 
Maintaining proper body fat index requires seeing a specialist who will do the calculation to determine it, falling to less than 6 percent could be counterproductive.

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