translated from Spanish: Controversy in Holland: they want to move the Red Light District in Amsterdam

Femke Halsema is Amsterdam’s first female mayor and, faced with the insecurity issues they see in the Red Light District, the first step they proposed was to move the famous stained glass windows to another area, away from the historic city centre. But sex workers refuse to leave. According to the statements of Felicia Anna, the president of the Red Light United union, a study made among 170 women workers who engage in prostitution, showed that 93% do not want to leave the Neighborhood Rojo.La local police consider the Red Light District to be one of the worst areas to pass, where crime increased and filled with tourists. They call it «the square kilometer of misery.»
From the local government they put forward several proposals to «stop crime and human trafficking» and «make life more enjoyable for the inhabitants of the neighborhood.» The first would be to lower the curtains of the display cases, so that the workers are not in sight of anyone who passes in that area walking and there is also the option of moving some brothels to areas away from the resort. Another option is to increase the number of display cases in the Red Light District (now about 330) to limit illegal prostitution. Following this move, they considered creating a «prostitution hotel.»

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