translated from Spanish: Jennifer Aniston: The Beauty Secrets That Keep Her Young

American.- Actress Jennifer Aniston spends millions on her beauty secrets that give her a radiant youth at 50 years old, which a 20-year-old woman asks for nothing. To keep her skin radiant and firm in place, the lead player in the popular series «Friends» undergoes therapies, acting classes and yoga in which she invests an approximate amount of 250 thousand euros per year, according to the book «Friends with Benefits» by Ian Halperin.
In addition, in an interview with InStyle US in 2015 he stated that Ultherapy is one of his preferred procedures for staying young. This consists of a high intensity microfocused ultrasound that helps collagen production and decreases the appearance of signs of ageing by moisturizing, improving and firming the skin. HELP US Click the Google News star and follow usThe best part of this procedure is that it is not invasive and only one hour is enough to be left with porcelain skin.
Brad Pitt’s American actress and former ex-show has expressed in media interviews that at 50 years of age she feels very comfortable with her sculptural body, and that everyone should.
Today, Jennifer Aniston has captured her fans’ eyes in the new Netflix film Mystery on Board, which premiered on July 14, where she shares credits with Adam Sandler.
Although her fans love many of the films she stars in, with the Friends series the actress touched many hearts. Recently, Aniston left a little hope among Friends fans, letting them see the likelihood that all «friends» could gather again. 

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