translated from Spanish: Six policemen are investigated for Death of Honduran Migrant

Saltillo, Coahuila.- The Coahuila Attorney General’s Office has six elements of the Criminal Investigation Police quartered and under investigation, including those responsible for shooting a migrant of Honduran origin. Yesterday, armed police fired on a group of migrants, including children, in Colonia San Miguel, south of Saltillo, a colony adjoining the train tracks; The Prosecutor’s Office said the officers responded to a gun assault.

Today, at a press conference, the Attorney General said they would conclude the investigation within 48 hours, after which they would make the person responsible available to a criminal judge. HELP Us Click the Google News star and follow us”The six police officers are being investigated. The claim is to determine the liability that may possibly result from the person or those who have fired the shots, but who have also deprived the person who happens to be a migrant, so far, of Honduran nationality, Gerardo Márquez Guevara said.

State Attorney General Gerardo Márquez said six criminal investigation cops involving migrant slamming are under investigation and killed. Photo Agency Reform

“They are focused on their general management, until the appropriate ness is determined and whoever is responsible will have to be placed before the judicial authority.” Márquez Guevara said the Criminal Investigation Police report states that a narcomenudist site in Colonia 5 de Mayo was being investigated on Wednesday night, about 500 metres north of where the events occurred. The version notes that two narcomenudists ran towards Colonia San Miguel and two in another direction, and as they fled they were shooting at the cops.” Those who run to the train tracks, where there is a lot of weeds because there is a stream, is where they apparently hide and run to where a group of people are on the train tracks,” the Prosecutor explained.” Another shooting is eventually heard, police officers claim to have fired some shots running after the two people, and where also, eventually, the group of people at the scene dispersed.
Probably because of the pursuit of the elements. When they arrive at the scene, they find a person injured by gunshots, lying on the floor.

The Prosecutor said he spoke twice with Governor Miguel Riquelme, who asked him to be determined by the person responsible for the migrant’s death. Among the people interviewed by the Prosecutor’s Office is the 8-year-old girl who would have witnessed her father’s death. Neighbors of Colonia San Miguel said Wednesday afternoon-night saw a group of migrants, including children and women, passing by policemen shooting them.

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