translated from Spanish: Massa: «Macri is going to suffer the defeat of reality»

Tucked into the campaign and while regaining the high profile, Sergio Massa left a series of definitions about the PASO elections that will be in nine days, on August 11. «This government is going to suffer the defeat of reality,» said Massa, who tomorrow will perform with Cristina Kirchner in the Falklands Of Argentinas, which will represent the public reunion of the leaders, fought for more than ten years.
«It will be defeated by telegrams of layoffs, the closures of SMEs, the increase of 4 million poor people, despite the promise of zero poverty. It’s going to be defeated by those who started paying for profits with this government,» Massa told C5N

The leader insisted on the idea that in the conurbano they «hide Macri» because of the low voting intention that he has there and the popularity of Cristina Kirchner.» They feel ashamed of Macri,» the tigrense stressed, and on the other hand he said, «We, on the other hand, are proud that Alberto from December 10th is President, because he is a kind of dialogue and sensitive.» 

Finally, Massa, who in case of winning Fernandez has a good chance of being president of the Chamber of Deputies, explained that if Fernández reaches the Executive «it will summon those who are wrongly supporting Macri», because – as he said , his goal is «end with the crack.»

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