translated from Spanish: The «Metrobus stalker» fell: he had attacked a 16-year-old girl

A 26-year-old was arrested on the Metrobus on 9 de Julio Avenue after sexually abusing a 16-year-old girl within a collective. Although the case went on today, he was registered last Friday in an intern of line 100 that was circulating on that avenue at the height of the neighborhood of San Nicolás, where the victim traveled with his mother. According to city police spokesmen, the man pulled down his pants in front of the teenager and began harassing her, and the other passengers on the bus forced the driver to stop the march. Personnel of the Subte Division of that security force who were patrolling in the area noticed the movement of people descending from the collective, some of them asking for help, and a man trying to escape with his pants still down. At the time, the officers intercepted the stalker and met with the victim and his mother, who explained everything that had happened, added the sources. After the episode, the young man was arrested and made available to the Criminal and Correctional Court 19, by Delfina Wallich, who ordered measures to advance the cause. In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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