translated from Spanish: CPLT to audit to determine relevance of publishing Transantiago evader register

The Council for Transparency (CPLT) announced that it will initiate an audit process to determine the relevance of publishing the evader register of the once Transantiago, today RED, following complaints by non-Gu (NGO’s) against the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications (MTT).
The complaint by civil society bodies, which accuse the MTT of breaches of the law in force in this field, points to the publication of personal data of evaders of the registration of the transport network without the need to request the information via the Law of Transparency, an accusation that was dismissed by the Secretary of State.
Faced with this situation, the president of the CPLT, Jorge Jaraquemada, commented that the entity took note of the facts and since there are opposing versions announced an audit to the entity.
Jaraquemada stressed that as CPLT “we are going to conduct an audit process to be clear whether the complaint has an objective handle”. The complaint of agencies such as Digital Rights suggests that it is not necessary to request the information of evaders who go to the register of the MTT through the Law of Transparency, being able to consult with the RUT and the Unique Key, which in this organization’s opinion would imply a non-compliance with the law by the Transport portfolio.
The CPLT will rule on the substance after the investigation process has been carried out. 

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