translated from Spanish: 60% deficit in number of Sinapeople police

Mazatlan.- They point to a deficit of up to 60 percent in the police elements in Sinaloa. The local mp of the Public Security Commission, Mario González Sánchez, said that Sinaloa currently has a lag in the police elements of approximately 60 percent.

Lagging cities
Among the three Sinapeople cities that present this problem are Culiacan, Ahome and Mazatlan. Specifically, in Mazatlan, this irregularity is 40 per cent.


On this, he commented that work is being done on the training of police academy cadets to exercise presence and inhibit crime.” It is inhibited with presence, and with surveillance the attacks are diminished,” he said. Quality 
González Sánchez said that the crime has been gradually reduced, and pointed out as a cause the administration of the Secretary of Municipal Public Security, Ramiro Lizárraga, as he ensures that the strategies he is implementing have been positive. In addition, they have increased the presence in colonies, which favors the reduction of crimes. Change 
However, the local MP assured that if he did not get a favorable response in the performance of the current municipal secretary of public security, he will be asked to change. “I have no fear or commitment to anyone: secretary who does not work, secretary who is asked to be changed; simple,” he concluded. THE DATA
González Sanchez said that crime rates are expected to drop in Sinaloa after the number of police elements is at their peak, and pointed out how that day the cadets of the Academy leave.Mario González exhorted the secretary of security Public Municipal, Ramiro Lizárraga, to carry out his work in the most optimal way to reduce the crime rates in the municipality, because if he did not, he assured that he would be asked to withdraw. 

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