translated from Spanish: “I’m struggling so my John doesn’t lose sight”

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Juan Manuel is 34 years old. He had his left leg amputated because of his diabetes and kidney failure, and he’s about to lose his sight if he doesn’t have surgery. His father, Rodolfo Tovar, is 66 years old and has just been diagnosed with a heart problem, so he fears for his life.

He’s worried about dying and that his son, with his health problem, is alone and unable to see. They have the Popular Insurance service, but this does not include surgery. He attended with a specialist, but the surgery, which also includes putting on an eye lens, costs him about 36,000 pesos. Solidarity
After going to the Social Welfare Office and the DIF, they sent him to the Oftavision clinic, and there he was budgeted for the surgery with discounts on approximately 20 thousand pesos. He returned to the municipal units mentioned and was promised that each would contribute 10 thousand pesos, but then they told him it is a lot of money and that they would not be able to help him. The gentleman is desperate because he sells land in a pantheon and earns very little to gather the amount. He calls on authority to rethink and help him, and also the public, so that he can intervene with his son. Help
Juan and his father, Rodolfo Tovar, have their address at Calle Aguile Real 10421 in Pradera Dorada, section 1, phone 6699-25-34-39.Rent that house and the few furniture that some have are borrowed and others have given them, because, he says, his salary barely reaches them to eat. Every other day they have to buy a bag of disposable diapers for Juan, because due to the advanced diabetes and kidney failure, other complications have arisen, including incontinence. This family living in precarious conditions makes a request to readers to support you in this struggle to save your child’s eyesight. John also asks the authority to stand in solidarity with his cause.” Just as they did to support ‘Buto’, (let them) do it with me,” John stressed sitting in his chair. 

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