translated from Spanish: Metro will partially operate from Friday lines 2 and 5

Metro President Louis de Grange reported that Metro’s service will operate partially tomorrow, lines 2 and 5.
This is in addition to the partial operation presented this week in lines 1, 3 and 6.
Line 2 will have routes from Zapadores to La Cisterna and will stop only the stations La Cisterna, Lo Ovalle, El Llano, Rondizzoni, Parque O’Higgins, Santa Ana, Cal and Canto, Cerro Blanco, Einstein and Zapadores.
Line 5, meanwhile, will make the journey from Quinta Normal to Vicente Valdés and will also stop only at some stations of the network: Quinta Normal, Bellas Artes, Irarrázaval, Carlos Valdovinos, Bellavista de La Florida and Vicente Valdés.
Line 1, while operating 23 stations between Pajaritos and Los Domininicos, with the exception of Baquedano and Los Héroes. Line 3 will work between Los Libertadores and Fernando Castillo Velasco and Los Libertadores, Vivaceta, Pza will be available. Chacabuco, Cal and Canto, U of Chile, Matta, Irarrázaval, Uñoa and Fdo. Velasco Castle.
Line 6 will have operation between Cerrillos and Los Leones, with availability of the Cerrillos, Lo Valledor, Uñoa, Inés de Suárez and Los Leones stations.
From the state-owned enterprise, total damage was also assessed at US$ 380 million ($275 billion). 

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