translated from Spanish: Socialists break relations with the government following cecilia Pérez’s words on the party and drug trafficking

The Socialist Party announced that it will freeze its relationship with La Moneda, following the sayings of Minister Cecilia Pérez on the opposition conglomerate. Everything remarked when the spokeswoman was consulted on the constitutional accusation that the PS had raised against Education Minister Marcela Cubillos.” (…) One can only make a reflection, a reflection to share with the Chileans: They no longer have modesty, they have no modesty to try, through this accusation, to hide what all Chileans want to know, what relationship the PS has with drug trafficking”, was part of the response delivered by Perez. He added, “Why have they been making their assfor so long? Why do you seek with smokescreen shreds not to account to the public how dangerous the relationship of drug trafficking and organized crime can be when you enter the political party system?” he asked. But the minister did not stay there, and continued to ensure that “through this argument or action of trying to muddy a minister who has led a portfolio such as Education, with a firm hand, concerned of students, parents and proxys , to hide what they did not want to tell Chileans with transparency, starting with the president of the PS, which is the eventual relationship they have with drug trafficking.” The response from the Socialist Party soon arrived through Senators Carlos Montes and Rabindranath Quinteros.” The socialist senators’ bench has agreed to suspend relations with the Government, to suspend dialogue with the Government until it clarifies its sayings.” Quinteros also wondered ” What is the eagerness of the spokesperson to insult us so brutally? All kinds of relations with the government are broken and we will even take other steps, but we are going to talk to the other opposition parties,” he concluded.

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