translated from Spanish: The house was set on fire and donations are collected to help him: “I’m never a ask for anything but we lost absolutely everything”

Elias Fretel lived with his girlfriend Oriana and son Constantino, 3, in a convent-style house in the neighborhood of La Boca. Door next door, the mom lives. Everyone was thinking of moving to Avellaneda. I was ready to move in. Unarmed furniture, clothes and toys in boxes. Everything in the dining room. Elias was taking matte with her mom, at her house and while she was drinking he played play. “She said ‘did you hear that?’ she felt like there was someone out there. but I didn’t listen to it,” the Boca Futsal Reserve player tells Filo.News. “After that we heard a slam and we smell smoke. when we went to check my house was on fire.”

The smoke shedthes the block and reached the lungs of little Constantine who was left with a lot of coughing for several hours but is already in perfect health.
“The firemen already said it was intentional. Someone did and I think it was pure evil,” said the victim with Filo.News.

There was no casuality to mourn but loss: Elias and his family are living with their stalls, so – with shame – he had to go out for help and was surprised to see that many clubs where he played, family and friends of friends began sending him mattress , nebulizer and antibiotics for the little one.” Some things we already got, we would miss blankets, hygiene products, food, toys, clothes, shoes size 42 men, 36 women, 27 children.” “The truth is that we also lack fridge and kitchen but first we want to see the little one smile so all the first thing we ask for is for him,” his parents concluded.

Contact Phone: (011)1537766928

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WE HELP @Eliasfretel9
Elias Fretel, a player from Boca’s Third Division, lost all his belongings and those of his family, after the fire he suffered in his home.
Whatever the donation, it’s good. Approach or contact your mom’s Whatsapp 137766928. — Mouth is All (@BocaEsTodoOk)
August 21, 2019

#Solidaridad Elias Fretel, a Player in the Boca Third Division, suffered the fire from his home and lost almost all of his belongings @carpfutsal ⬇.
August 20, 2019

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