translated from Spanish: Piñera on COP25: “that Chile is a vulnerable country motivates us and excites us to take leadership” against climate crisis

President Sebastián Piñera stressed that Chile’s vulnerability to the consequences of the climate crisis “motivates” the country to take the lead in the fight to reverse the situation, which they will propose during the p COP25 summit in December.
“The fact that Chile is a vulnerable country motivates us and excites us to take leadership in combating climate change and global warming,” the representative said during an event held today in the area where the summit will be held in Santiago.
The chief executive encouraged the use of the intelligence that sets human beings apart as a species to heal the planet and not continue to compromise its survival.
“We know that the human being is the most intelligent creature on this planet, but we also know that the human being is the only creature capable of destroying our planet, our only planet. And that’s the contradiction,” he said.
Piñera pointed to the new generations as the hope of the future, as they “bring in the DNA” awareness and commitment to the environment, something that he believed lacked in previous generations.
However, he set an example of a change in attitude on Chile’s decision to decarbonize the energy matrix by 2040 and take advantage of the renewable resources available to the country.
“The energy of the Sun in the radiation of our deserts, the energy of the wind along our territory, the energy of the sea along thousands of miles of coastline, the energy of geothermal in a country that concentrates almost 20% of the world’s volcanoes , are energy sources that transform Chile,” he added.
Piñera also pointed out that, in addition to the shift towards renewable energy, the climate summit will be an opportunity to highlight the importance of the oceans in combating the climate crisis.
“They are large greenhouse gas receptors and that allows to limit the amount of greenhouse gases that go into the atmosphere and that generates that greenhouse effect and, at the same time, have been great recipients of temperature increases,” he stressed Piñera.
Piñera made these statements during an event in which COP25 Ciudadana was presented, an initiative parallel to the official meetings that aims to encourage and mobilize various sectors of society.
“We are going to seek a special effort of participation and contribution; local and regional governments, youth, schoolchildren, civil society and non-governmental organizations, the scientific and academic community, the private sector, parliamentarians, the world of work, indigenous communities, communicators and the world of culture, and especially we want to convene the mayors,” Piñera said.

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