translated from Spanish: Death toll 30 rises to death toll from bar attack in Coatzacoalcos

Ulysses Contreras, the bartender at the Caballo Blanco bar, attacked in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, died in the early hours of Saturday, according to state authorities, with which they total30 dead.
11 days after the attack in Coatzacoalcos, authorities have not reported any detainees or provided further information on the case.
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Survivors reported that the attack was carried out by about eight armed subjects who entered the bar with gas canisters, which sprayed inside and set fire.
The State Prosecutor’s Office initiated a research folder for the case and requested the participation of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR).
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It is the attack of its kind with the highest loss of life of the last two decades, second only to the Casino Royale fire, in 2011, which left 52 dead.

According to investigations, the alleged culprit is Ricardo “N”, alias “La Loca”, who had previously been arrested and sought to cause fires in other locations in the region.
The governor of Veracruz, Cuitláhuac García, indicated that with the information that is held so far, it is known that the attackers closed the emergency door of the nightclub and set the entrance on fire with gasoline; then there was an explosion, so most people died suffocate.
The deceased Mexicans are: Antonio de Jesús Pola Sandate, Israel Morales Lopez, María del Carmen Segovia Padua, Marco Antonio López Garcia, Xóchitl Nayeli Irineo Gomez, Ulises Ramos Jimenez, Osuky Rodríguez Pacheco, Felipe Daniel Cortés Avalos, Pedro Cruz Vázquez, Oscar Pérez Soto, Habib Ojeda Sierra.
Also Pedro Ricardo García López, Francisco Alfonso Carrión Solís, Erick Hernández Enríquez, Maria Jose Pulido de la Cruz, Rocío González Ramos, Sugeidi Vázquez Loreto, Víctor Osmar Pinzón Contreras, Suleyma Hernández Sánchez, Israel Zacarias Robles, Iván Gómez e Gómez Israel Vazquez.
The two Filipino citizens who also died are: Natanhiel Alidan Apolot and Brayan Varron Garciano.
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