translated from Spanish: Port Madryn: Korean citizen will not be able to go to trial for lack of translator

Hwang Doo Jin is being held for attempting to murder his partner on February 17, 2018. The man entered the woman’s house in the Solana neighborhood of Puerto Madryn, dressed in black and wearing gloves, and began beating her. A neighbor heard the screams and alerted the police. That day the man was arrested on charges of «murder in a degree of attempt doubleaggravated by the bond and by being committed through gender-based violence». A month after his arrest, the man had lost 14 kilos because he did not like the food he was given at the Port Madryn police station. Because of his language, he was complicated to communicate with the doctor who treated him and with the guards who served him food. Judge Stella Eizmendi granted him home prison. The benefit was short-lived, as the Justice later revoked it on the grounds that he was in good health. The citizen’s defense attorney is Trelewense lawyer Oscar Romero, who is being held for a confusing cause and which prevents him from participating in the debates. With these elements on the table the trial of citizen Doo Jin is far from being able to begin. The Judicial Office is trying to have a person who can speak and translate Korean, but at the moment they have only been able to find neighbors who speak Mandarin. What was surprising was that throughout the investigation process there was a translator who can now not be found to carry out the hearings.

Hwang Doo Jin

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