translated from Spanish: Luis Pettersen made a tough disclaimer against the expert and the «lawyer of the narcos»

Following the statements made yesterday by Luis Pettersen again referred to the investigation that seeks to clarify the crime of Fernanda Maciel.In a new conversation with the morning of CHV, «With you in the morning», the taxi driver recounted that «here habi pure obstacles. I think he’s going through the DA’s office. As far as I could understand, in a report that came out, those who retake the site of the winery said that they could not authorize the access of Dr. Cerda, that the prosecution had supposedly told them no. And then the prosecution contradicts themselves and they say that they no longer have anything to do with it, because they have already taken out all the evidence they had and that the decision is in which they sublease.» In addition, Pettersen added that «they have thrown the ball between the two. We continue with the lies, we continue with the speculations and if I have to uncover the pot… since I have been silent for 1 year and eight months, that they have not been able to offer me medical assistance, neither psychiatric nor psychological.» They think that because you come out talking behind a camera is fine and that’s a lie. They don’t know what happens to me when I get to my home. I have mood swings,» he said. But that wasn’t all, in fact, Pettersen’s toughest disclaimers, because he confirmed his sayings and assured that «of course, they are background slains that I have, that I know them. I’m going to kick, enough with the abuse. No more tramping.»» Here comes a lawyer who thinks she knows all. Or the same expert clown who showed up with the other lawyer. Enough of stealing screen. All I want is to get this over with.»

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