translated from Spanish: Neymar was booed by PSG fans on his return to Princes’ Park

Paris Saint-Germain’s (PSG) fan clighted management’s demands and hosted Neymar Jr. today in his first season match against Strasbourg in the Parc de slams with boos and banners insults, addressed to him and his father.
The intervention of the club that this week tried to mediate and convince the ultras with threats of sanction and bans on access to the field was of little use if the player’s performance was sabotaged.
As they did a month ago, when negotiations with Barca were still continuing, the hobby shouted at full throttle «Neymar son of a bitch» in Spanish and deployed banners against his father, present in the rostrum, in which they proposed to sell his son in a neighborhood in Brazil frequented by prostitutes.
And while Neymar suffered from boos, a huge banner unfurled in honor of Brazil’s Marquinhos showed the affection that PSG’s 25-year-old public has been in the club’s ranks since 2013.
It is worth mentioning that four months went on from the last time Neymar played an official match with the shirt of Paris Saint Germain. It was on 11 May against Angers, as part of the 36th date of the last Ligue 1.
Since then, his name was always made news, but in most cases for extra-sport issues: a complaint of rape, injuries and possible transfer to clubs such as Barcelona, Real Madrid or Juventus; detonated the rejection of the swollen.

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