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The celebrations of Fiestas Patrias are approaching, and in the wake of the fires in the Amazon and other events, more and more are preparing to celebrate them for the first year nimal. In addition, according to the latest National Environment Survey, 6% of participants said they did not consume beef, chicken or pork, and 3% do not include eggs or dairy in their diet.
For them, there is a great offer of products with vegan certification from Fundación Vegetarianos Hoy. For example, the Rika brand has sausages, sausages and burgers that make it easy to replace meat on the grill. Other brands such as Mister Veggie have sausages and soy burgers, as does Vegusta which also has sausages and bife veggie.
There is also Hellmann’s Vegan May, which will soon debut the V-Label label on its packaging. Pioneers were NotCo products, such as Not Mayo, that have revolutionized the market, or soybean mayonnaise.
For sweet preparations or snacks that 100% vegetables, you can opt for the range of products of Da’Oro, Eat Clever, Bijelti or Chocolate Bar.
Vegan Fondas in Santiago
In addition to products, the classic fondas of Fiestas Patrias have already adapted so that both vegans, as well as those who for health or environmental reasons want to avoid the consumption of meat, enjoy equally. And it is that enjoying a September 18 promoting animal respect is not only possible, but it gains more and more followers in the country.
Among the 2019 fondas stand out:
El Cerro Center
The “vegan fonda” of centro El Cerro and its restrán El Cerro Vegan Food will have typical games (taca taca, frogs, miraculous fishing and others), live music with urban cue, a low cost bar with earthquake, chicha and a series of bebestibles, in addition to various vegan dishes , such as choclo cake, seitan roast, empanadas, chorrillana and sweets.
The proceeds from ticket sales will be for the benefit of the NGO Animal Libre. The presale is at $2,000 in the Passline system, while the general entry will be worth $4,000. Children under 12 years old do not pay.
September 17, 18 and 19 from 1p.00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Shakty Vegan Fonda
The sixth version of this vegan fonda includes choripanes, old-fashioned, empanadas and much more
September 17-21. Freed Entry
Av. Italy 686
Fonda de Emilia
It will have vegan empanadas and choripanes, as well as a stand with things for cats and humans. For the benefit of the Adoptfoundation.
September 14th and 15th (From 13.00 hrs)
Entry released
Julio Prado 765 (outside @lagatahoracia)
Santiago Vegan Festival (Parque los Reyes, Santiago)
September Vegano is an event that is defined as “anti-specist, without meat, without bluntness and without cueca”. It will have free activity for the whole family, with more than 40 exhibitors, live music, documentaries, talks and workshops.
18 and 19 September (From 13.00 hrs). Entry released
Vegan Fonda of Cafeteria and Emporio del Brote (Santiago)
His motto is “Because we’re from vegetables.” It offers empanadas, choclo cake, plovers, small, dry wood, music, dance and all vegan. And she also claims to be the only fonda with uncorking.
17, 18 and 19 September (from 16.00 hrs on the 17th and from 13.00 hrs on the 18th and 19th). Entry released
General of Thesong 319
Vegan Fondas in regions
Fonda Aunt Clafira (Limache)
September 18, 19 and 20 (From 13:00 to 18:00 hrs)
$3,000 (over 7 years old pay entry)
Fonda Vegana de Dolce Locura Pastelería (Viña del Mar)
September 14 and 15. Entry released
Veggie Fonda (Valparaiso)
16, 18, 19, 20 and 21 September (From 18:00). Entry $1000
Vegan Fonda “The Conscious Chusma” (Temuco)
18, 19 and 20 September (From 13.00 hrs). Entry released
Where to advise you
For those who are in transition and do not know how to face this celebration, Vegetarians Today has a free mobile app, called Plan V, where you can find hundreds of recipes. The FAQ answers the most frequently asked questions faced by first-time questions.
Another good option is to join the Veggie Challenge, where for 30 days one can choose to take a vegetarian or vegan challenge, and receive daily information for free to facilitate the process.

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