translated from Spanish: At least 22 Michoacán hotels closed for health contingency

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Morelia, Michoacán. – At least 22 hotels located in the main tourist areas of Michoacán such as Morelia, Uruapan, Pátzcuaro and the Costa area have closed due to the influx of tourists reduced by 100%, reported Claudia Chávez López, secretary of tourism in the entity.
In an interview, the official said that this fact is a severe blow to the tourism sector, but in many cases the closure was necessary since at the end of March the hotel occupation of Michoacán barely if it reached 10% and by this month of April expectations are lower due to the current health emergency by the Covidvirus-19.

«In different municipalities. The protocols that send Salud and Sectur, allow hotels, some, to have 15 percent of their capacity for all those travelers who are working and who belong to the essential activities of the country», explained Chávez López.
So far we cannot quantify the losses that the entire tourism sector of Michoacán will have due to the current contingency, although it is estimated that they are high, since Easter is one of the holiday periods with the greatest spill and influx for Michoacán.

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