translated from Spanish: Slipped in casino over wet floor gets $3 million

Ohio. An Ohio woman who tripped and fell on a “wet floor” sign at the Jack Casino in Cincinnati, received a $3 million award last week from a Hamilton County jury. , which had been struck by a client earlier that day. Because he did not know he was on the ground, he tripped, fell and suffered injuries as a result.

A Hamilton County jury found that Jack Casino could not “use ordinary attention” and did not maintain a safe environment, resulting in Sadowski’s injury, according to Cincinnati.Su lawyer investigator Matt Nakajima, said a Jack Casino employee had walked around the sign without picking it up just moments before his injury.


The casino had no security policies in place for floor inspection or fall prevention and did not criticize the employee’s failure to resolve the danger of the trip even though his own internal documents found the blame, Nakajima said.

“The casino’s callous disrespect for the safety of its customers was shown throughout the screen throughout the test.” Sadowski suffered a fractured knee, which required surgery to insert metal hardware into his knee. He now has arthritis where the fracture occurred and says his mobility has worsened. Nakajima added that a second surgery on his knee may be necessary. Jack Casino argued in court that the “wet floor” sign was visible and that Sadowski simply hadn’t seen it.


According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the casino attorney said his injuries “were simply because [she] paid no attention to her surroundings.” [Sadowski] cannot recover from his injuries because he had a higher or equal knowledge of the alleged danger,” the casino declared. According to Sadowski’s complaint, she suffered permanent bodily harm, medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering due to the negligence and negligence of the casino. They added that the injury caused Sadowski to lose the “enjoyment of his good health.” In April 2019, Jack Entertainment, the parent company of Jack Casino announced contracts to sell the property for $745 million to Vici Properties and Hard Rock International. Hard Rock will acquire the assets and rename it Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati.

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