translated from Spanish: Giorgio Martelli denied accusations against him: “No weight of that amount was spent to fund any campaign”

Geographer and political operator Giorgio Martelli referred to information published by Folha de Sao Paulo, where Brazilian businessman Leo Pineiro claimed to have delivered $101.6 million pesos to Michelle Bac’s presidential campaign helet in 2013.All this, according to the former president of OAS through a fictitious contract agreed with the firm Martelli and Associados in Chile.It was through a statement where Martelli, responded to the accusations. “In relation to press versions that involve me in the financing of the OAS company for Michelle Bachelet’s campaign, I want to reiterate that my company has never received money for political funding.” In addition, according to La Tercera, Martelli stated that the contract “that established my company with OAS was in 2014, after the presidential campaign, and referred to a study of land prices and the elaboration of a tourist map of Chiloé,” he said. In doing so, he added that “given the financial problems of that company in Chile, the contract was ultimately limited only to the elaboration of the Tourist map of Chiloé, amounting to approximately 50 MM, product that exists and is widely known.” No weight of that amount was intended to finance any campaign. (…) I’ve never been with Lula or Ricardo Lagos privately, let alone on some political campaign funding,” he concluded.

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