translated from Spanish: Harald Beyer criticizes constitutional indictment against Cubillos

The former Minister of Education and current rector of Adolfo Ibáñez University (UAI), Harald Beyer, assured that the constitutional accusation against Marcela Cubillos is «extraordinarily» weak and compared it to the removals of him and Yasna Provoste in your moment. The former secretary of state was dismissed in 2013 by Congress in Piñera’s first administration after the constitutional indictment against him for «abandonment of duties» was passed. In an interview with the newspaper «El Mercurio», Beyer noted that «this accusation is not much understood, it is a bodrio. The arguments are extraordinarily weak, even one thinks that there are other factors behind it.» Minister Cubillos has had a high support for this portfolio (Education), talks about an interesting political figure that may be worth slowing down,» said the academic today and also former director of the Centre for Public Studies, CEP. The rector of the IAU emphasized that «a minister may overflow the law and there has to be this spring, but it must be used very prudently as a last resort, not to do politics or political criticism.» Constitutional accusations should «be for obvious violations of the law, not for cases like mine, Yasna Provoste’s or now Minister Cubillos,» he concluded. The constitutional indictment against Cubillos continues its procedure in the lower house and the commission that reviews it will resume the subpoenas on Monday, September 23.

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