translated from Spanish: Maduro says deal with opposition minority parties will allow «progress towards peace»

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro said on Monday that the agreement reached with the opposition’s minority parties for a new dialogue «will allow progress towards coexistence and peace» in the country.» I welcome the signing of the agreements reached at the Dialogue Bureau with the opposition. It is a step towards moving towards coexistence and peace. All the doors of the dialogue will remain open for the peace of mind of all Venezuelans,» said the leader in his Twitter.La publication account is accompanied by a link to a document detailing the agreements signed from the House Yellow, the seat of the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.On Monday, the Maduro government announced an agreement with venezuelan opposition minority parties to initiate a new dialogue following the failure of the Oslo and Barbados process with the opposition, captained by Juan Guaidó, which includes the return of ‘chavismo’ to Parliament and the renewal of the National Electoral Council (CNE). The agreement commits the Government of Maduro and Advanced Progressive (AP), Movement to Socialism (MAS), Solutions for Venezuela and Solutions and Change, small parties that became part of the opposition democratic unity coalition (MUD) and that broke up with her for internal disagreements. This pact sets out six points that will serve as the starting point of the negotiating table, including the incorporation of the fraction of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) into the National Assembly, to attend the new CNE formation and to defend Venezuela’s legitimate rights over the Esequibo as provided for in the Geneva Agreement.As reported by the AVN news agency, it was also agreed to reject the unilateral and coercive measures imposed by the United States against the country and to demand implement an oil-for-food and drug exchange program.

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