translated from Spanish: How do the black boxes that will be mandatory in cars work?

The European Parliament determined that from 2022 11 safety systems will be mandatory for new vehicles coming to market. Among these elements are the black boxes, which are able to store vehicle data, such as steering movements, acceleration and deceleration, state of safety systems, location and driving speed.What are they formed of?
They consist of memory hardware that collects data, file software that saves it in a standard format, and an operating system. The file system and hardware are located inside the box, which is made of sturdy steel. While the operating system is the interface between the different sensors outside the device.How and when are they launched?
At the time of an accident detected by the sensors, the operating system instructs the file system to start its function and in just milliseconds organizes all incident data into the memory hardware. Researchers can visualize accident information by connecting the device to a computer.” They can be used in automobiles and commercial transport as a valuable research tool to monitor or validate new safety technologies, set human tolerance limits and record impact rates,” they say from the Commission European.In the case of black boxes recording accident data, they will only collect information in a period prior to and after the opening of the airbag. In this way, you can reconstruct the moments leading up to the collision, know the causes and evaluate the safety systems of the cars. The data collected will depend on the regulation of each country and certain levels of safety of each vehicle, for example, if you have radars and cameras, the information will be more accurate. In this note:

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