translated from Spanish: Man tied to hands and feet is found in Puerto de Buenavista, Morelia

Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a statement it was reported that A man man man man man man man man man and tied feet was found lying on a site of the Puerto de Buenavista colony, located at the exit of this city of Morelia towards the road to Mil Cumbres, in that same area was three abandoned vehicles, according to data from sources close to the matter.

In this regard, it transpired that the event generated a strong police mobilization, as neighbors of the place found the victim and thought she was dead, so they called the emergency number 911 to request help. Police officers from the Ministry of Public Safety came to the area in a few minutes and did an inspection.
In this way the representatives of the law realized that the offended had vital signs and was only totally tied up. The guardians of the order assisted the aggrieved person and asked for paramedics to relocate to provide first aid, who upon arrival checked the affected person and determined that he had no injuries or required hospitalization.
On the site, Michoacán police officers secured three motor vehicles, which were towed by cranes and were immediately taken to a corralon and were made available to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The staff of the State Attorney General’s Office, who carried out the competent actions, became aware of the case.

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