translated from Spanish: FIFA to seek to create a female «World League»

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said on Sunday that he will once again push for the creation of a Women’s World League for teams, despite having initially blocked this plan, and also started the first edition of the Club World Cup f Emenino for 2020 or 2021.During a conference in Milan (Italy), Infantino noted that FIFA will invest $1 billion in women’s football over the next four years. «I don’t think we need much time to create and organize a new competition,» he said of an annual Club World Cup that would begin in 2020 or later in 2021.So he commented that the task of achieving parity depends on several instances. «We shouldn’t think we can develop women’s football with only national teams,» adding that last summer’s World Cup in France showed the way forward. «What we need are competitions at the highest level,» he said. We also need clubs and give them more reasons to invest and give them a stage where they can show up. So I’m proposing a Club World Cup. For all the years, starting next year or the next,» Infantino insisted. «We will present it again and again until it is ratified,» he said of an idea that had originally come up with him in 2017. Such a plan, in his words, had received «great, great support» from FIFA’s senior management.

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