translated from Spanish: Zaira Nara revealed how she told her family she would not marry Forlan

Zaira Nara is a model and driver. She is in a relationship with Jakob von Plessen, along with malaika’s mother (3) and recently confirmed that they are in the sweet expectation of their second child, who you know, will be a male.
Eight years ago his life was completely different. He was finalizing the details to celebrate his marriage to the footballer Diego Forlán, with whom he was a couple for three years.

The family of Zaira Nara Photo: Instagram @zaira.nara

«We had a beautiful three-year relationship but it wasn’t a normal courtship of two people who were getting married. About cohabitation, we realized many things of couple, intimate, normal in the day to day, that were not as we expected. The decision to finish was in us, and in a couple they both do something to break,» he said in the show that leads with Chino Leunis, Morfi all at the table.
For the first time, Zaira gave details of that moment and told how she announced to her family that she was not getting married. «I got off the civilian a month before, the party was going to be in the summer. The caterers were almost doing the canapés. I couldn’t wait any longer, it was there or I had to get married. Preferable to be before,» he said, adding that he had been booked a private plane to go to Uruguay to see the hotel. On the morning of June 12, 2011, Zaira tweeted the phrase that would go down in the history of the Argentine show: «Less agood thing I didn’t get married.»

The tweet that went down in history

«For the civilian, i didn’t have a prom dress and I didn’t have it tested.» However, it was not so. Catalan designer Rosa Clará had made for the civil an exclusive design of natural silk tulle and lace that she regretted that she could not use. «It’s a shame I couldn’t use it and didn’t save it. It looked dazzling,» he said once. After being consulted about the people she first told, Zaira recounted that it was her parents and sister Wanda. He announced that he was not getting married on the day of the baptism of one of his nephews.

Zaira Nara and Diego Forlán

«We were all three. I grabbed them in the middle of the celebration of one of my nephews, and i said, ‘Come on up!’ The little one was already blessed. I told them I thought I didn’t want to get married, I was a girl, I was 20 years old,» she said. At the time, Zaira was 22.» I go with everything, or I’m not going with anything. I’m not into grays. I felt something that I didn’t… and I told my family and my close friends. It was a strong decision,» he closed.

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