translated from Spanish: Pérez Volpin: indicted on the authorities of the Trinidad of Palermo

The investigating prosecutor Nancy Olivieri imputed two authorities of the Trinidad clinic in Palermo and a doctor for having given false testimony in the case investigating the death of Débora Pérez Volpin during an endoscopy in February 2018.The allegations are for a detachment from the main cause, for which the endoscopist Diego Bialolenkier was sentenced to three years in prison on hold for culpable homicide and disqualification for seven years to practice his profession. For the same reason, the anaesthetist Nélida Puente was acquitted.

The director of the Trinity Roberto Martingano and the director of Galeno Eduardo Cavallo were charged because the family reported that from the institution they handed over to the cause an endoscope different from the one used in the procedure of the journalist. “From the first moment we held that this equipment had not been used on endoscopy day, because it is an old, old equipment that has nothing to do with the technology of others that the clinic has. He does not record, and we always speculated that we did not know the real equipment so that we could not see the images of the moment when the injury to The Esophagus of Deborah was performed,” argued the lawyer for the journalist’s family. Débora Pérez Volpin died on February 6, 2018 in The Trinidad of Palermo while being endoscoped.

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