translated from Spanish: Michoacán Congress denies admission to reporters

Morelia, Michoacán.- For several days, the Congress of Michoacán has been committed to interrupting the work of the media representatives covering the source.
Last Monday, the private secretary of Deputy María del Refugio Cabrera Hermosillo, tried to hinder the work of at least three reporters and then threaten them. On the fact, Javier Estrada Cárdenas, chairman of the Political Coordination Board minimized the threats.
Yesterday, the press was prevented from entering the plenary session of Congress for alleged instructions from the State Government, during the delivery of Silvano Aureoles Conejo’s report, to give priority to the guests of the state representative.
Now, during item VI of the Ordinary Session, which instructed the reading of the communication by which, the Standing Committee of Congress left to The Union the agreement calling on the Local Congresses to guarantee freedom of the press , freedom of expression, as well as the security and protection of the human rights of journalists in Mexico, reporters left their place in the form of protest.
At the end of the above point, security of the plenary prevented the return of journalists without any basis; after dialogue with protocol staff it was agreed that the media could meet with the Jucopo to expose their nonconformities.
It should be noted that it does not prevent access to the media or attempts to curb the work of journalists.

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