translated from Spanish: La Cumbre is over but Rock in Rio arrives: confirm event in Chile for 2021

Less than 24 hours after the end of the la Cumbre music event was confirmed, and it was born as “La Cumbre del rock Chileno”, it was confirmed that Santiago de Chile will have its first edition of Rock in Rio in 2021, which is considered the largest music event globally. The confirmation is the result of an agreement of intent that would have been signed during this day in Rio de Janeiro between the organizers of the event and a group of Chilean entrepreneurs in an event that was attended by representatives of the Government of Chile, who endorsed the project. The Chilean delegation traveled to Rio a few days ago to evaluate the organization and infrastructure of the mega-concert, and apparently the analysis would have been positive. It should be noted that the latest edition of Rock in Rio attracted nearly 400,000 tourists to Rio de Janeiro and, according to the organizers, will generate revenues of 1.7 billion reais (about $425 million) for the city. The idea is that the version in Santiago is a week before the staging in Rio de Janeiro, designed for December 2021, this with the intention that the bands can organize a single tour and make a stopover in both cities. The differences would be given because the Creole version would have four days of concerts anchored in a single weekend, while the one in Rio de Janeiro offers seven days of shows in two weekend finals. If the above was achieved during this day in Brazil, Santiago would go on to host this mega event not only next to Rio de Janeiro, but also with Madrid, Lisbon and Las Vegas, which are the other cities that have organized the festival. The surprising figures of the mega-event include 34 years of life and 20 editions in Rio, Lisbon, Madrid and Las Vegas, 119 days of concerts and 2,338 musical attractions, seen by some 10.2 million spectators.

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