translated from Spanish: Patrol crashes and an element dies next to a civilian

Erongarícuaro, Michoacán.- An element of the Michoacán Police and a motorcyclist died when a collision was recorded between a patrol against the two-wheeled vehicle, which happened on Monday on the Erongarícuaro-Pátzcuaro highway in this municipality. There is an officer who was injured, according to the information obtained in the journalistic work.
In this tenor it was known that the misce was at the height of the deviation to the community of Pichátaro. The deceased were identified as the policeman Jorge Tovar Mejía, 22 years old, who was the chauffeur of the official unit and David F., 26, he was the rider of the motorcycle and employee of the shoe store «B Brothers».
The emergency was attended to by the Paramedics of Civil Protection of Erongarícuaro and also of Pátzcuaro, who confirmed the death of the victims. The site was cordoned off by elements of Public Safety in attachment to the chain of custody and to prevent the curious from approaching. Pátzcuaro Transit troops also supported the flag bearer of the area.
The bodies were uploaded to a forensic ambulance to be taken to the amphitheatre in the region. It was also known that the motorcyclist perished at the scene, while the two policemen were channeled by the lifeguards to the General Hospital of the city of Pátzcuaro, where Jorge Tovar lost existence due to the severity of his injuries and her companion was admitted, which had a fractured tibia and fibula, confirmed sources agreed to the matter.

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