translated from Spanish: Ruiz Cortines residents protest for leaving authorities

The Mochis, Sinaloa.- By not getting a response from the authorities for the arrangement of roads, neighbors of Babylon Street, of the chorizo sector of Ruiz Cortines, they expressed themselves and demanded the immediate repair of this important roadway, since otherwise will be forced to take other pressure measures. Time continues to pass and the street is still completely shattered, to such an extent that by the place it cannot cross any kind of unit, and the neighbors are forced to make great rodeos to enter and exit their homes.

On a tour of this area yesterday, THE DEBATE reporters noted the degree of despair and courage that is already present among the neighbors of the place, as they note that there is already a floor for the re-entry of the machinery that is assigned to repair the street , but the days go by and they don’t see when this happens. Mrs. Norma, a neighbor of this town of Guasave, pointed out that they are really already desperate because apart from this whole place reproduces a lot of mosquitoes with humidity, and all this constitutes a serious risk of dangerous diseases such as dengue for their Families. 

Risk. Neighbours have to make adventures to cross the place, at the risk of an accident. Photo: THE DEBATE

He noted that what they were asking for for a long time was that the machinery be sent and the motorcycle-conformation work carried out of this whole area that measures about 70 meters, but in parallel that it would look for how to solve the problem definitively filling this area with stone material, as it is not possible that every time it rains they are suffering the same problems.

Balast. The restoration of the street with stone material is very important because in the area there are many units. Photo: THE DEBATE

Another complaint faced by the neighbours is that the entire chorizo sector does not have the health drainage service and are requesting the support of the authorities so that once and for all they are provided with this important service , since they do not currently have sanitary drainage in their homes and all this represents a serious focus of infection.

Holes. Also at the end of the street there are holes full of water that prevent access to the units. Photo: THE DEBATE

Amadeo Castro, a neighbor of the place that has a physical disability that prevents him from walking normally, pointed out that it is really torture to go out on the street to go to the store or somewhere else, because the avenue is totally shattered. In this regard, Castro urged the authorities to help them solve this serious problem.

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