translated from Spanish: Following complaint, Welfare Secretariat notes that processing of 65 and more does not last more than 30 minutes

Morelia, Michoacán.- On Wednesday dozens of older adults attended to collect the 65 program and more at the Telecomm Telegraph facility in the city of Morelia, where several of those present expressed their dissatisfaction with this medium by the they had been under the sun in the process, which they indicated had up to 3 hours.
In relation to a journalistic note published on the Web pages and Facebook of Monitor Expresso, which ensures older adults waited more than three hours in Morelia for the payment of the Universal Pension, the Welfare Secretariat in Michoacán clarifies the following :

On October 7, the dispersion of payment began, through Telecomm, in the Morelia region. The older adult is summoned in alphabetical order, so it takes an average of 20 to 25 minutes to be cared for.
Although payment orders are in force until 30 October, there are persons who show up on the first day of the operation even though they were not summoned on that date; regardless of this situation, they are given their financial support.
Beneficiaries who have already received their payment order are therefore requested to come to the day they were instructed to maintain order and expedite the dispersion of support.

In the images shared by their means not only can be seen older adults, but also people with disabilities who charged at Telecomm on the same date, who can sometimes arrive on crutches or wheelchairs and with someone who helps them.
It should be noted that, among the rights of beneficiaries of the Universal Pension for the Welfare of Elderly, it is receiving this federal support, either personally or through their representative, in case you are unable to come to collect it.
This Representative or Assistant Adult is any ascending or ascending or collateral degree, spouse, concubine, partner in free union, any person without affiliation, but who is responsible for the care of the Elderly; it should be noted that, along with the delivery of supports, the banking of all payments and the installation of Welfare Banks in the entity continues, for the comfort and safety of the beneficiaries.

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