translated from Spanish: What will happen to Veracruz at the end of the tournament

Veracruz.- This week FIFA sent a statement to the MX League informing you that the Veracruz Red Shark Club has been punished with the ban on the purchase of players for the next campaign unless it covers the payment to former defender Matías Cahais , in addition to the wages that are overdue to both players and many more workers of the institution. For several seasons Veracruz has suffered from the economic issue, but in this tournament it grew larger by paying 120 million pesos to maintain the category but neglecting its workers who are now suffering from lack of pay. Enrique Bonilla has repeatedly expressed constant communication with Jarocho players to solve the problem, but none want to talk about the situation for fear of reprisals. 

Enrique Bonilla ? Jam Media

The last visit of the representative of the league focuses on this topic and in interview for W Radio I indicate that they are on track to solve the situation. “In the conversation you’ve had with them, we’re moving forward, both sides are in a position to find a solution to the problem as quickly as possible, and we hope so.” He also talked about problems with double contracts, “Contracts that have signed can be submitted and claimed. It’s easier to sign one, but if they decide to do it differently it’s their decision”To finish I talk about the problem that Fidel Kuri has had with the squalid team, “When the integrity of the competition is put at risk, you have to do a thorough review”The main situations that Veracruz could present at the end of the tournament to continue their situation would be, loss of points, not being able to hire players, relegation in automatic and disenfranchised. 

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