translated from Spanish: Daniel Bisogno of course exploits erotic video in networks

Daniel Bisogno couldn’t stand the urge and lashed out at a Tijuana journalist who revealed that the driver was supposedly on the tv azteca tightrope, but that wasn’t all, as he also revealed that the driver had some intimate videos , news that bothered him too much. After breaking the news on his social media, Daniel Bisogno immediately answered his tweet by starting a battle where they were involved to the internet users themselves and that as everyone knows the presenter of Ventaneando, he has several months in the eye of the Hurricane.

What kind of reporter are you and what kind of blowjobs are you saying? I hope you have to check it legally because you’re going to have to do it, Daniel wrote.

After Bisogno’s angry message, the networks exploded and decided to support both sides because the journalist did not remain silent as he responded to the comment of Daniel who is famous for leaving no one.» Let yourself fall with a good @AlfredoAlvarezz so you can see what’s good!», «And then because they’re sued without that were many in that company’s industrial relations they should go,» both reporters wrote.
It should be noted that Daniel Bisogno has been questioned on more than one occasion by netizens allegedly for beating the mother of his daughter, who was already left behind because they apparently reached an agreement.

Let us remember when Daniel faced the cameras of Ventaneando, with his now ex-mother Raquel Bigorra, for according to her he vented the problems he had with his wife, it was also said that apparently he gave several exclusives of celebrities whom he betrayed, although she was he argued, saying that they used it to deflect another personal issue as to the journalist’s life.

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