translated from Spanish: Stone guest: Kast puts on government problems and calls for “ending tax reform”

Reintegration is the “heart” of tax reform, so much so that the Government has defended this point in the arm throughout legislative processing despite the closed rejection of the opposition.
This week, however, from the officers’ own ranks, calls for attention to the Executive rang again asking for a quota of “political realism” and yielding on this item to get the bill to be approved in the Senate, where it is processed in the Treasury Commission. From La Moneda, Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick gave signs of openness by stating that “reintegration is not a dogma”, a logic well in line with that raised last June by the President of National Renewal, Mario Desbordes, who declared that “Me it seems appropriate to start thinking about adapting tax reform, leaving aside integration, which is what has hampered the complete reform.”
Today, a more radical stance loomed. Gop-Gopgo leader Jose Antonio Kast assured social media that “it’s time to end” the government’s tax reform.
This is due to the scenario that has been generated, and after senators from Chile Vamos proposed the option of negotiating the reintegration of the system, an item that has also been defended by the Minister of Finance, Felipe Larraín.
“It’s time to put an end to tax reform. One year lost and we are still on our knees in front of the left,” said José Antonio Kast via Twitter.
The former presidential candidate explained his stance and said that “this project will end up reaffirming Bachelet’s Law and hurting Chile’s entrepreneurs and workers more.”
It should be mentioned that, according to La Tercera, Minister Felipe Larraín went out to scrap the alternative of negotiating the reintegration of the tax system. “We will move forward with what we have always raised. Reintegration is a central point, so thank you very much for the suggestion, but we move on,” said the Secretary of State in response to senators from Chile Vamos who raised such an option.

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