translated from Spanish: Daniela Aránguiz explained why she wouldn’t post nude photos after being a mother: “You have to have respect for your children”

Former Mekano girl Daniela Aránguiz talked to Buit about the boundaries when you’re a mother because of wilma Gonzalez’s underwear comments. Aránguiz stated that “when you are a mom and your children grow up, you have to have a little respect for them, because those who bother them at school are them, not us.” A while back I was offered a nude photo shoot, by Javiera Eyzaguirre, for the unique shoe brand. At first I got excited and thought it would be a memory for my whole life, but then I thought ‘my kids are 10 and 12 and they’re going to be judged at school.’ You have to think about what they can go through, bullying exists even if we don’t want it. And to prevent that from happening or to be told ugly comments, I prefer to take a step back (…) Being a mom and giving love is also to give respect to your children,” detailed the wife of the “Magician” Valdivia.However, Aránguiz acknowledged that talking about this topic helps to normalize but assured that “unfortunately it is not yet normalized and I would not want my children to Disturbed. I already had the opportunity to go out in magazines and programs showing very little, I can still do it, but in a context. But if you’re in a photo shoot, with your underwear, your finger in your mouth and you have kids, I feel like you’re disrespecting them and you have to commit not to put them through a shame like that, because they suffer that.” Finally, she said she doesn’t usually get bad reviews because “I’m super criteria in showing and setting limits. Between the vulgar and the sensual, there’s a very thin line,” he said.

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