translated from Spanish: Sebastián Piñera announced that he will meet with political parties to «move towards a social agreement»

Sebastián Piñera referred on Monday’s night to the crisis situation that is being experienced at the national level. In this regard, the Representative stated that the necessary measures are being taken to fear acts of violence. And it is that, according to Piñera who have participated performing demanes «are willing to destroy, burn supermarkets, industries. Violating the homes of Chilean families.» Among the measures is the meeting you will have with the presidents of different political parties, which have so far not been confirmed in detail. «Tomorrow I will meet with party presidents, both government and opposition, to be able to explore and hopefully move forward on a social agreement.» With this, he added, «I know that sometimes I have spoken hard against this violence and crime, understand me compatriots, I do it because I am outraged to see the harm and pain that this violence and crime causes,» he said, adding that it is his «responsibility to safeguard order protect citizen safety.» We have invoked the Law on State Security, not against citizens, but against that handful of criminals,» he replied, adding that the State of Emergency was established in several regions of Chile to this end. «We have extended the State of Emergency to the Atacama and Los Lagos regions,» he confirmed.

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