translated from Spanish: Check out the 39 local Leader, Leader Express and Superbodega To Account in Operation in the Metropolitan Region

The Walmart company reported that from 10 hours to 14 hours, 15 supermarkets Leader, 20 Express Leader and 4 Superbodega A Cuenta are open.
Information regarding the operation of the premises, the company said, will be informed through the company’s website.
In regions, meanwhile, 150 supermarkets of these formed, in addition to Central Wholesale, were reported.
Check the list of premises that are operating in the Metropolitan Region

Lider Vitacura, Buenaventura 1770, Vitacura.
Lider Los Domínicos, Camino El Alba 11865, Las Condes.
Lider Puente Nuevo, Av.Las Condes 12916, Lo Barnechea.
Leader The Queen, Jorge Alessandri 1131, The Queen.
Leader Prince of Wales, Prince of Wales 9140, The Queen.
Irarrázaval Leader, Av. Irarrázaval 2928, Uñoa.
Leader Talagante, Av. Bernardo O’Higgins 807, Talagante.
Leader Buin, Avda.Bdo.O’Higgins 555, Buin.
Santa Amalia Leader, Av. Santa Amalia 1763, Florida.
Leader Cordillera, Av. Los Toros 05441, Puente Alto.
Lider Gran Avenida, Gran Avenida 6150, San Miguel.
Lider Vespucio Maipú, Av.Américo Vespucio Norte 1955, Maipú.
Leader Alameda, Av.Padre Alberto Hurtado 060, Central Station.
Leader San Joaquin, Av.Vicuña Mackenna 3361, San Joaquin.
Leader Maipú, Av.Pajaritos 4500, Maipú.
Lider Express

Express de Lider Colina, Calle Los Alamos S/N Loteo Estancia de Liray, Colina
Express lider Gran Avenida, Gran Avenida 4004, San Miguel
Express de Lider, Ten of July, Av. Ten of July Huamachuco 1625, Santiago Centro
Express by Lider Buin, San Martín 555, Buin
Express by Lider Pedro de Valdivia, Av. Pedro de Valdivia 1885, Providence
Express by Lider Colón, Fourth Centenary 1016, Las Condes
Express by Leader Apoquindo, Av. Apoquindo 6060, The Countess
Express by Lider Tomás Moro, Tomás Moro 1590, Las Condes
Express by Lider Vitacura, Av. Vitacura 4100, Vitacura
Express by Lider Estoril, Av. The Countess 10295, Las Condes
Express by Lider La Plaza, Av. Plaza 590, Las Condes
Express by Lider Pedro Fontova, Av.Pedro Fontova 7455, Huechuraba
Express of Father Hurtado Leader, St. Ignatius 1624, Father Hurtado
Express by Leader El Rosal, Av. Américo Vespucio 1122, Maipú
Express from Lider City of the Valleys, Peaceful Path 635, Pudahuel
Express by Lider Manuel Montt, Manuel Montt 80, Providencia
Express by Lider Greece, Avenida Grecia 245, Uñoa
Express by Lider Latadia, Avenida Américo Vespucio 1790, Las Condes
Express by Lider Isabel La Católica, Isabel La Católica 1401, Las Condes
Express by Lider Tobalaba, Las Camellias Providencia
SuperBodega aCuenta

SuperBodega aCuenta Paine, Av. 18 September 311, Paine.
SuperBodega aCuenta Carmen Maipú, Av. Sur Esquina Carmen 411, Maipú.
SuperBodega aCuenta Ciudad Satélite, Camino Melipilla 18500, Maipú.
SuperBodega aCuenta Buin, Pdte. Federico Errazuriz 230, Buin.

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