translated from Spanish: Russia accuses the US of its U.S. to Traffic Syria’s Oil

Russia on Saturday accused the United States of using the war on terror in Syria to smuggle and smuggle Syrian oil for its own benefit, with revenues of more than $30 million a month.
The Russian Defense Ministry said that the recent U.S. decision to maintain a contingent in eastern Syria, to protect Islamic State oil fields, aims to keep illicit oil extraction under its control Syrian.

«What Washington is doing now – capturing and keeping the oil fields in eastern Syria under its armed control – is, in fact, an international slaughp perpetrated by a state,» said Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov.

He denounced the reason for this illegal Us activity in Syria does not respond to Washington’s claims of freedom and anti-terrorism slogans and focuses on illegal extraction and smuggling of Syrian oil.

«Protected by the U.S. military and agents of U.S. private military companies, tankers loaded into oil fields in eastern Syria are smuggled into other states,» Konashenkov said.

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