translated from Spanish: Transantiago implemented a plan to strengthen Subus’s unemployment routes

Subus workers announced a worker’s unemployment on Thursday, after one of their drivers was shot in the left cheekbones while working. For the same reason, Transantiago sought the formula to reinforce the routes that would not go out on the street. Therefore, the offer of services was modified to reinforce routes 200 and Zone G that run through the communes of La Pintana, San Bernardo, El Bosque.
The Transportation contingency plan began at 5:30, due to the early end of the curfew, at 4:00 and to mobilize passengers it is expected to have about 6,000 buses, which will meet the services to the extent that the road network is not obstructed or cuts are implemented.
As for Metro, lines 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 are operational, totaling 53 stations of the 136 that the network has, this is 40% of stations enabled of the total. The lines will operate between 7:00 and 20:00 (depending on whether Touch of Stay is decreed and at what time). Intensive work continues to ensure the technical and safety conditions for its operation.
According to the underground train, Metro Line 1 will be operational between Pajaritos to Los Dominicos (23 stations). All stations open in that stretch except Baquedano and Los Héroes. Although Heroes will be closed, the combination between Line 1 and Line 2 will be available.
Line 2 is operational between Zapadores and La Cisterna. The 10 stations enabled are: La Cisterna, Lo Ovalle, El Llano, Rondizzoni, Parque O’Higgins, Santa Ana, Cal and Canto, Cerro Blanco, Einstein and Zapadores. The combination in Santa Ana station to Line 5 will not be available.
Line 3 is also operating between Los Libertadores and Fernando Castillo Velasco. The 9 stations enabled are: Los Libertadores, Vivaceta, Plaza Chacabuco, Cal and Canto, Universidad de Chile, Matta, Irarrázaval, Auñoa and Fernando Castillo Velasco.A this adds line 5 that is operational between Vicente Valdés and Quinta Normal. The 6 stations enabled are: Quinta Normal, Bellas Artes, Irarrázaval, Carlos Valdovinos, Bellavista La Florida and Vicente Valdés. The combination in Santa Ana station to Line 2 will not be available.
Finally, line 6 pear at this time between Cerrillos and Los Leones. The 5 stations enabled are: Cerrillos, Lo Valledor, Auñoa, Inés de Suárez and Los Leones.
For those who are driving, they should keep in mind that the gran Avenida, Alameda-Providencia-Apoquindo, Independencia, Santa Rosa, Recoleta and Vicuña Mackenna axes will be kept exclusively for public transport to ensure the transfer of people. Private vehicles may not use the exclusive tracks. Finally the Metrotren We started operations at 6:00 in both directions, with all the stations available.

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