translated from Spanish: Fight between Camila Flores and Camila Gallardo takes Twitter

It all started with the tweet of MealoT Camila Flores made yesterday after the historic march that took place in the capital and in multiple cities of the country, in which changed the most conflicted previous tone to a standardized one of officialism , which in many circles and especially on social media, was read as an attempt to appropriate a demonstration that had a clear bias against the government and the current economic model. In his interaction on the social network, Flores noted that «After days of violent destruction, looting, looting, the wounded and dead, today we saw a light of hope in a massive and exemplary peaceful march without red flags to raise awareness of urgent changes and much-needed God return peace to Chile ????». This message generated multiple reactions, but highlighted that of the singer Camila Gallardo, who has been very active in supporting the demonstrations during the last week. In her reply to the PARLIAMENTwoman the artist told Flores that she was «Another one who didn’t understand anything» and challenged her, demanding that «Don’t re-appease what people have done being brave and corajupic. Don’t do like that you’ve been part of a change because of a change because they’ve done nothing but disrespect this movement, the people and you in particular the victims.» It was this last sentence that in turn generated a respuesta by the deputy of National Renewal, who replied «What do you speak? Of the q can not use the subway because they destroyed it? Of the q can not stock up on food because supermarkets were ranted out or are we left? Of the q’s are locked up in their terrified houses? Or the dead at the hands of the lumpen?» On another edge, during a cultural event held in the commune of Recoleta Camila Gallardo read a poem/harant for the demonstrations, which has gone viral along with this debate, turning it into Trending Topic at the national level. Video:

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