translated from Spanish: InDH Observer Assault: Sergio Micco presents complaint and denies Deputy Nunez who called the fact «a montage»

This Tuesday, an Observer of the National Institute of Human Rights, Jorge Ortiz, was hit by pellets amid the march called for that afternoon.
After finding the injuries, inDH director Sergio Micco announced that he would file a complaint against those who are responsible. That claim was made official today afternoon.
«Jorge Ortiz received the pellets from behind. So we consider that in this specific fact the police protocol was clearly not applied well,» Micco argued.
Regarding the health of the official, Micco stated that «Jorge Ortiz was in the central expost, where minor injuries were found; then attended the Security Mutual, where the same was diagnosed. He is now on a medical license at home and his health is good.»
Response to Deputy Nunez
Through her Twitter account, the Deputy of National Renewal, Paulina Núñez, said that the aggression suffered by the INDH official was a setup.
In this regard, Micco was categorical in denying the Parliament: «I want to point out that there is talk here of a certain conspiracy, which would mean, first, that there is an official who introduces six Balinese. Secondly, this involves the participation of some people who identify with the Red Cross; third, this conspiracy entails the participation of the central expost; and fourthly, the Security Mutual.»
«I think the facts speak for themselves. With all due respect I would tell the member to let the courts judge and that we should discuss how we ended up with this appalling situation once and for all,» she said.

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