translated from Spanish: Massive lobby opened in the Monumental Stadium: gathered more than 1,500 people

The Colo Colo Social and Sports Club on Thursday led a massive open lobby in the premises of the Estadio Monumental, an instance where the fans of the ‘Cacique’ made known issues related to the social-political crisis that is being experienced in the country . In the Pedreros redoubt, the Albanian fans came together to discuss the petitions of citizenship to the government in areas related to minimum wage, pensions, health, education, transport, among others. The presence of albo idols Marcelo Pablo Barticciotto and Daniel Morón was highlighted in the Collocolino enclosure; Macul Mayor Gonzalo Montoya and CSD President Colo-Colo, Edmundo Valladares.About 1,500 people attended the open lobby of the ‘Cacique’, where separate working groups between 15 and 20 people spoke on the issues to be resolved in the country.» We hope as Colo Colo to be able to lift the collective dreams of our people for a better Chile,» said Edmundo Valladares. When my friends came from Buenos Aires to Chile they would say to me ‘how spectacular, what a barbaric country’, because they were going to Las Condes, to Vitacura, and I would tell them ‘eye, don’t think Chile is like that, there’s a lot of inequality, a lot of difference’,» Marcelo said, meanwhile, Marcelo Barticciotto.The resolutions that each conversation group takes will be collected by the Colo Colo Study Center, and a limited number will be sent to the municipality of Macul.

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